Meet Kim

Kim Birkhimer is a wellness biohacker using natural therapies, the first of which is Neurofeedback, or EEG biofeedback for the brain. The second is nutrigenomics and activation of the body’s genome.

After being on oral chemo for six years and having poor mental acuity due to the oral chemo, she decided to sell her business and took a two-year sabbatical. During this time, she and her husband were also in the midst of trying to help someone who had multiple traumatic brain injuries. Kim decided that she needed to do something with her life, as well as find some way to help this person without the use of pharmaceuticals and invasive surgery. With that in mind, she took to Google and soon discovered Neurofeedback.

After much research, she decided to invest in the equipment. Not only did it help their friend with his substantial cognitive issues, but within three sessions for herself Kim saw a drastic improvement from her chemo fog, which she didn’t really know she had. That moment of clarity solidified her resolve to help others with this amazing technology.

When a dis-regulated brain can see what it is doing, it knows what it needs to do to self-regulate. In essence your brain can now begin to heal itself. Essentially NFB acts as a mirror providing intense experience to your brain of itself, in virtually real time. Everything we learn, we learn from experience. Seeing itself is intense experience for the brain. Relaxing and intense. Your brain learns from itself what it needs to do to perform more efficiently. When your brain sees its own reflection (the experience it needs to learn) it responds by releasing unhelpful stress, establishing, improving and minimizing healthy and unhealthy synaptic connections, improving efficiency of pathways, etc. Processing speed, coherence, cognition, energy, sleep, memory, mood, performance, motor skills, relationships, feelings of wellbeing and joy improve greatly.

Kim is passionate about helping others to experience this life-changing, natural therapy and is focused on helping you to be the best you that you can possibly be!

Kim's Credentials:
  • NTCB Neurofeedback Specialist
  • CTA Wellness Consultant
  • Owner and Chief Wellness Biohacker
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